An adult Missions Director oversee all administrative operations and are directly involved with all areas of teaching, training, discipline and ministry.  Each has significant experience with Tasch Ministries programs and proven leadership and relationship skills.  They work hard to provide a quality missions experience for your child.  Each team of young people is led by a male and female Team Leader responsible for the daily process of ministry to both the nationals of the country and the team members.  The team is then divided into small groups; each supervised by a male or female leader.  The group leader is responsible for the accountability and discipleship of his or her small  group.

Tasch Ministries International recruits the finest leaders from across America for our trips. After they pass our application process, candidates are trained in areas of ministry, leadership and discipline.  All are mature adults who have previous children’s work and/or missions experience.

Children are required to be in an approved group of TMI members at all times, including at least one leader.  Straying from the team results in dismissal from the mission field.

We emphasize a deep and enthusiastic commitment to Christ through daily prayer, Bible reading and ministry.  This is not a vacation.  We are training young people to go forward and present the gospel to the lost through drama, puppets, dance and clowns.  We encourage children to have healthy friendships and positive attitudes towards their parents.  We desire to see them develop their personal relationship with God and understand His vision for their lives.

afety is a priority.  Tasch Ministries regularly checks with our contacts living in the country to carefully assess it’s political and physical environment before and throughout the trip.  In the event that travel is not advised or a situation becomes unstable, you will be notified about your options to switch to a different country of similar trip price.

Any costs associated with an early return as the result of a serious violation of rules set forth by TMI must be paid by you the parent.

Raising the money may be easier than you think. Once you have been accepted on a  TMI Short-term Missions trip  you will receive all kinds of creative ideas on how to raise money for your trip.  An easy-to-use TMI Missions Manual will teach you how to write to, call on and follow up with potential sponsors