Trip costs include *airfare, meals, lodging, and transportation from first day of missions trip throughout last day of debriefing.  Trip base cost does not include application fees for passport or visa (if applicable), U.S. departure tax, or money for laundry and souvenirs.  Any costs associated with an early return as the result of illness or serious rule violations set forth by Tasch Ministries International will be the responsibility of the individual involved. *(PRICE BASED ON LEAVING FROM NORTH CAROLINA. AIRFARE NOT INCLUDED IN GROUND PACKAGE PRICES.)

All donations received by Tasch Ministries International go toward project expenses.  To receive a tax deduction, the IRS stipulates that the donor must release control of the money donated to the non-profit organization.  For this reason money cannot be refunded and cannot be designated to a person.  The individual will be a fundraiser and will get credit for raising the funds equal to the price of the trip.  If an individual is unable to attend the mission trip with Tasch Ministries, the funds he/she has raised, less incurred expenses and administrative fees, will remain credited to his/her account for one year.

Donations to Tasch Ministries International are tax deductible.  Tasch Ministries International is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Checks should be made payable to Tasch Ministries International.

Tasch Ministries International travels year round taking groups on the mission field.  We have found that many ministries have a heart for missions, but lack the time and expertise to plan the trips.  Let TMI arrange a trip for you.  You can choose from a wide variety of services that TMI can provide in putting together your own trip.  These services include project setup and logistics, application processing, ministry training, and project leadership and/or leadership training.  Our hope is that while we concentrate on the details, you concentrate on ministry.

Amusement ride lines, mouse ears, overpriced souvenirs. If this typifies your family vacations then prepare to make a real impact.  TMI can get you started on preparing for your family outreach.  Family mission trips offer quality time together and intense ministry opportunities.  Hmm.  Imagine that.  Being able to share the love of Jesus in a faraway land with your family.  You may even want to join other families in the same country.  Schedules are flexible.  For more details call Tasch Ministries International at (336) 838-1042.